Luminous fiber optic fabric -light up your Christmas

2018/12/19 16:57:57

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The Luminous Fiber Optic Fabric is a new fabric which combination the optic fiber and intelligent electronic technology,

The weft of fiber optic fabric is as per 1:4 proportion to add 0.25mm diameter POF to make the woven fabric.

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Our products - luminous fiber optics textiles are high-tech intelligent products, made by fiber optics fabric that based on an innovative and original patented technology which covered textiles, optics and electronics.

The technology allows to weave plastic optical fibers alongside synthetic fibers, forming a luminous fabric.


This fiber optics fabric is similar to a synthetic fabric (it can be sewn, hand washed,...), except that it can emit light when connected to a specific LED electronic module.


The optical fibers are specially processed in order to allow the light to be emitted along the full length of the fibers (side emitting fibers). The optical fibers are then connected at the edge of the fabric to ultra-bright LEDs which inject light into the fabric. The light is distributed evenly across the entire surface of the fabric, resulting in a self illuminating textile.The resulting fabric is very unique, providing and elegant lighting all over its surface, with a distintive starry sky texture.



1: High tech product which covered textiles,optics and electronics fields 

2: 7 different light colors automatically changing, remote control 

3: Rechargeable polymer lithium battery with 3.7v low voltage, USB charging 

4: CE,FCC,RoHS approved, safe,environmental and fashion

5:No risk of electrical shock: all wearable items are powered by low voltage batteries (3.7V/3V). No heat, no Radiation, light weight.

6Aesthetic, Morbidezza, Gorgeous, Not Dazzling

7: Light color can be changed automatically by different flashing modes, and light can stay at single color by customer's choice.

8: Intelligent: remote control, mobile app light control and sound-sensitive that has light dancing with music effect.

9. Widely Applications: can be used in many fields.


The Fiber Optic Fabric is available in 7 colors. It is flexible, fast, light weight, does not heat up and consumes little power. It water resistant and can be washed. This makes the luminous Fabric ideal for many applications, such as light up clothing (night fashion, stage costumes,...), home decoration, interior architecture, stage decoration (fiber optics curtains,...), cars decoration, furniture, special events and promotional items


Our products & illuminated fabric can be used for making the ultimate fashion statement, for special events decoration, for weddings, for marketing & promotional items, for luminous stage costumes & entertainment, for parties, for luxury interior decoration of Homes, Hotels, Night Clubs, Retail outlets, for luminous signage, for creating innovative furniture,also can be made in the field of fashion & clothing, interior decoration, special events, promotional items or industrial applications,... as well as in many industrial applications.....

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Fiber Optic fabric, Luminous fabric items for decor & fashion.

Luminous Fabric (fiber optic fabric) (light up fabric, illuminated cloth, luminous textile, led light up fiber optic fabric)


Luminous Fiber Optic Clothing (light up women/men clothing, luminous dresses, luminous outfits, fiber optic shirts, tops, skirts,led light up tank top,flashing t shirt)


Luminous Fiber Optic Decor items (luminous tablecloths, luminous table runners, luminous cushions, luminous chair covers)

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Fiber Optic Interior Design items (luminous fiber optic curtains, fiber optic wall panels, fiber optic ceiling panels).


Luminous Fiber Optic wedding dress ,fiber optic fabric wedding gown,fiber optic fabric wedding suit

Luminous Fiber Optic women men shoes ,led fiber optic fabric sport shoes,led light up fiber optic fabric  casual shoes


Luminous Fiber Optic children’s wear clothing ,led fiber optic princess dress,glowing light up fiber optic fabric kid shoes and clothing suit


In this speacial time ,wishes you are brightness Christmas !